September 17, 2021


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Retirement Plans

Former cardinal archbishop of Washington, D.C., Donald Wuerl must be very busy in retirement. The excellent new Catholics news outlet, The Pillar reports:

According to financial records of the Archdiocese of Washington, $2,012,639 was designated for “continuing ministry activities for [the] Archbishop Emeritus” during the 2020 fiscal year.

The amount is a 35% increase from the $1,488,059 designated for Wuerl’s ministry in the 2019 fiscal year reports.

Cardinal Wuerl, you may recall, was disgraced by investigations into child-abuse allegations in Pennsylvania, and by revelations about the predations of his predecessor in D.C., former cardinal archbishop Theodore McCarrick. Wuerl claimed not to know anything, despite McCarrick’s predilections being an open secret and a sudden need to move McCarrick off the grounds of the seminary into another parish house. My favorite moment was when he was in the midst of these controversies and being interviewed by the slavering Fr. Rosica. Rosica mentioned that the McCarrick revelations were a “disappointment” because “he was a friend to us.” Wuerl said that there was a place for “fraternal correction” — but moved on to the need for  “wonderful wonderful fraternal support,” including more bishops’ retreats. Vacations!

Anyway, I’m sure the over $2 million in financial support from the Archdiocese and its patrons went strictly to corporal and spiritual works of mercy, not anything too cushy.

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