September 17, 2021


True Conservative Viewpoints

Some Good News, and Some Mildly Disappointing News, on Coronavirus Vaccinations

The good news: As of this morning, America’s doctors, hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, and counties have administered more than 92 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

And we’ve gone a long way towards vaccinating senior citizens. According to the CDC, more than 8 million Americans who are 75 or older have now received both doses. Almost 6.7 million Americans between 65 and 74 have received both doses. More than 14 million Americans who are 75 or older have now received one dose, and more than 15.6 million Americans who are between 65 and 74 have received one dose.

The other good news: So far, Pfizer, Moderna, and now Johnson & Johnson have distributed 116.3 million doses to states.

The slightly disappointing news: This means our supply of waiting-to-be-used or in-transit doses is up to almost 24.3 million doses — the highest yet.

A lot of states have gotten a lot better at getting shots into arms on a larger scale, and faster. It’s elating to see more than 2 million shots administered per day, but we’ve still only administered 79 percent of the shots that states received. That has remained pretty level for the past week, but at one point in late February, that figure hit 83.9 percent. The places at the bottom of the list for quickly using their allocated doses Kansas, the District of Columbia, Alabama — have been at the bottom for several weeks now.

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