June 14, 2021


True Conservative Viewpoints

If you voted for Donald Trump, You’re a racist

Did you vote for Donald Trump? If so, I assume that you already know that you’re a racist and that your opinion needs to be invalidated because you don’t matter. You’re scum on the face of the American Image and the only hope for you is for you to be put into re-education camps…It’s the only shot you have at being able to be part of this great country!

Isn’t sad that all of that is the reality of the democrats thoughts? Because we care about our history, the good and the bad, we’re all now racist. How did we allow such change to take place and so much division to be built between us all? We all know we’re not racist but they have us all looking at each other wondering if we are… Every news story they create is aimed to divide us further.

I am 46 years old, I was raised in a small MOSTLY WHITE area of Ohio, Because of this, I was not raised around many black people. It wasn’t until i got older and started working that I started to meet people outside my little area. Since then I have had a lot of amazing friends and co-workers of damn near every race…No matter though, I am still a racist. Nothing I can do with my white skin can make me any less of a racist. I am a racist solely based on my skin color…hmm…sounds a bit racist huh? To judge me and treat me a special way because I am white is no different than for me to treat you different because you’re black. This makes no sense. We’ve already fought this war.