June 14, 2021


True Conservative Viewpoints

The day Democracy died in America

I was one of the millions of people who had never voted before 2016. I never had any interest in the political world because I honestly didn’t think it could ever change…I didn’t think that anyone in power would be interested in that kind of change. I am 46 years old, Born in 1974. I have lived through a lot of the most recent war driven presidents. Men that have their entire legacies determined by how they handle our own, self created turmoil. 2016 was a year like no other. When Donald Trump started to show real signs of running I was intrigued by his points and the common sense approach in which he viewed Americans Situation and our solutions. American first, Who would have ever thought it?? No one in power if not for Mr. Trump. He got me excited, He got the whole damn world excited and just glued to the tv’s waiting for whatever bombshell he would drop next.

Time after time for the entire 4 years of his presidency the democrats headed by the sore on mother earths face named Nancy Pelosi. If it was what porn star he had slept with or her impeach Trump chants that were constantly ringing out…She never stopped. This 80 year old hag just prayed on the American peoples very own constitution for 4 years…And the American people allowed it to happen. When the night of the 2020 election finally came about, I was not sure of anything except that I voted and I did all I could. I had spent 4 years preaching to everyone I knew about the importance of Trump being reelected and of the terroristic plans that the left had in play. I watched in glee as the votes came in and it became crystal clear that Donald Trump was going to win the 2020 election…And then it happened. “We’re tired and going to sleep, We’ll finish counting tomorrow” At this point EVERY republican still awake and watching had their blood pressure skyrocket. We all knew that the great cheat was in progress and that our country was under a domestic terrorist attack. I am not sure that any of us really thought it could be pulled off though. The numbers just couldn’t be changed that much.. We were positive that we had the numbers, Big Time. Over the next days of course we all had our final awaking moment as we discovered that as a majority, We as Americans have lost our backbone and our desire to survive as free people. We surrendered everything our mothers, fathers, grandparents and brothers and sisters have ever fought for… We gave up the American dream and its constitution that it was all founded on. Just handed it over and said Thank you. While this all happened and will be part of our History, Make no mistake that not ALL Americans were brainwashed and trapped and rats. Millions of real, AMERICA loving people are gathering, Building up the biggest and strongest republican party that the country as ever seen. We all have to stand up over the next four years and vote all of these left wing nut jobs out of their jobs and reinstate our FAIRLY ELECTED president. Will you stand with us or will you allow them to take everything you and your family has ever worked and or died for? Will you fight for your family? For your neighbors and your country? We MUST come together. We must be united in our fight to take back our great country. Will you stand with us?