September 18, 2021


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Ben Shapiro: ‘Things Normal People Believe Because the Media are Damned Liars’

Ben Shapiro


“The media are damned liars” and they’re good at it, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro said Monday as the media continue to misrepresent Georgia’s new anti-voter fraud law and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) coronavirus response.

In the first of three tweets, Shapiro listed three falsehoods the media have successfully duped “normal people” into believing:

Things normal people think because the media are damned liars:

1. GA’s voter law restricts voter access and is a new form of Jim Crow;

2. DeSantis is both corrupt and dangerous;

3. Hunter Biden is a soulful innocent gone wrong, and the laptop story was Russian disinformation.

“The media are damned liars,” Shapiro said in his next post, declaring that the job of today’s media is no longer journalism, but Democrat propaganda:

The media are damned liars. They are not bad at their jobs. They’re very good at their jobs. It’s just that their job is not journalism. It’s Democratic Party propaganda.

In his third tweet, Shapiro listed three lies media are promoting because they fear DeSantis’ political ascension:

Lies the media have promulgated about DeSantis because they fear his 2024 candidacy:

1. His willingness to allow local officials to open beaches, etc., would lead to massive death (lie);

2. He artificially deflated death statistics (lie)

As reported, last week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) categorically dispelled media and liberal accusations about the state’s new voter law, in a point-by-point rebuttal of misrepresentations regarding:

  • Jim Crow Comparisons,
  • Drop Box Availability,
  • Access to Water at Polling Stations, and
  • ID Requirement Replacing Signature Verification

Likewise, Gov. DeSantis has been under constant, unsupported attacks from the media because he has reopened his state, refused to enforce a mask mandate, and issued an executive order prohibiting vaccine passports. Yet, Florida has continued to hold up well, compared to many other states, in the face of the coronavirus.

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