September 19, 2021


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Charles Barkley: ‘Most White People and Black People are Awesome People,’ But Politicians Divide Us for Power, Profit

Charles Barkley

(Getty Images/Rich Fury)

Politicians try to turn Americans against one another, especially along racial lines, in an effort to maintain their wealth and power, former NBA great and basketball analyst Charles Barkley said Saturday.

“Man, I think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart,” Barkley said during a pregame “Final Four” March Madness show on Saturday. Barkley said that the nation’s political system is rigged to enrich out-of-touch politicians who are impervious to the dangers of stoking hatred and division – because most people are “awesome,” regardless of their race:

 “But I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp of money and power.”

“I truly believe in my heart most white people and black people are awesome people.

“But, we are so stupid following our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, and their only job is, ‘Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods. We’ve all got money. Let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other; let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other; let’s scramble the middle class.’

“I truly believe that in my heart.”

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